February 19, 2009

My Live Signature

I’m really excited cialis sale about sharing this Web site with you! My mom sent it to me after she used it to create a signature she could use for her work e-mails. I recommend starting with the Quick Tour.

The Quick Tour will not only walk you through the whole process, but it will also explain all the different ways you can make your signature. You'll want to get a static signature, because they’re free! (Only the static ones created from the wizard or with the draw tool are free).

To get started making your signature, click on Start Now. You’ll then need to choose whether you want to use the wizard or the draw tool. I recommend using the wizard, because it was a lot more fun to select a font that matches my hand writing than to draw a deformed version of my signature with the mouse.

To use the wizard, click on the Create Signature button underneath the text that says “Create a new signature using our wizard.” That will lead you to a page where you’ll be presented with three options: wizard, draw or upload. You'll want to select the wizard, which is the first option.

After selecting the wizard tool, you’ll be asked to type in the name or nickname you’d like to use for your signature. I put in Amanda @ WorldStart.com, which is how I sign my e-mails. In the next step, you’ll select which font you want to use. There are around 120 different fonts you can choose from and they may take a minute or tow to load. Click on the bullet of the font you want to use and then click on the Next button at the bottom of the page.

The next step is to select the size you want your signature to be. I like mine rather small, so I selected size 2. There are ten different sizes to pick from, so you’ll have plenty of options. Click on the Next button to continue. Here you'll select the color of the font you want to use for your signature. There are ten different colors to choose from. Next, you can set the slope of your signature. There are ten different slopes to choose from as well. You’re finally finished!

Take the code they give you for your signature (signature ID) and copy it. Then paste it on the Start Now page under the Download a Signature heading. The other thing you can do with the signature ID is paste it under the Generate a Code section. That will give you a choice between an HTML code and a BB code. If you want to use it on a forum, choose the BB code. If you want to use it on a Web page, choose the HTML code.

Now, you have a personalized signature all your very own. Yes!


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February 18, 2009

Feed Revolution

Do you have a hard time keeping track of when your favorite musicians release new music? I know I do! I can’t keep track of who's releasing a new CD and when. I love to support my favorite artists by buying their music, but since I like so many different artists, it all gets jumbled up in my brain!

But no more! With Feed Revolution, you can keep track of all your favorite musicians and get an e-mail when they release something new. It's really easy to sign up for as well!

Just type in the names of artists or bands you like. (Note: If you have a last.fm username, you can import artists from your playlists there). Next, enter in the e-mail address you’ll want the alerts sent to. Then click on the button to sign up!

While you'll be auto-logged in, you’ll need to click on the link you receive in your e-mail to activate the e-mail feed. As soon as you activate your e-mail feed, you'll start getting e-mails whenever one of your favorite musicians has a new release!

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be on the New Releases page. That's where you can monitor on the Web page what's coming out each month. There's also an Add Artists page, where you can add artists to your list of artists to watch.

If you aren’t logged in and you go to the New Releases page, you can browse through all of the new releases for the month. I thought that was pretty cool! There are 22 pages of new releases for the cialis professional online month of February, so be sure to check it out today!


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February 4, 2009

What the Font?!

Have you ever run across an image with a font you really liked, but didn’t know what it was? Well, never fear! Now, you can identify those mystery fonts with ease on this Web site. Oh yeah!

How does it work? Well, it’s quite simple! You just click on the Choose button and then find the image with the font you like wherever you saved it on your computer. Or, you can put in the URL of the image with the font and then click on Upload Image. The site will then try to match the font to the best of its ability. For more tips on submitting your font for a match, make sure you check out the usage guide.

What happens next is the application tries to identify characters in the image you submitted. So, you’ll see your image repeated many times down the page with a box next to it. In the box, there will be a character the application thinks it found in the image. You need to make sure each character is correct. If they aren’t, go ahead and click on the Search button.

Now, it will load up which fonts it thinks matches and you can then scroll down the page and compare your image to the fonts they have selected.

If it can't match the font, don’t despair! Help is still there waiting buying cialis without prescription for you in the What the Font Forum. Just click on the Consult an Expert link at the bottom of the page and you’ll be taken to the log in page. It’s really easy to sign up. Just fill out the form and click on the Create Account button. Then just submit your query to the forum members. The people on there are really good at figuring out which font is in your image. You’ll see the most recent posts to the font forum right on the front page and you can also click Next to look through all the entries.

This site is a real haven for font junkies like me. Check it out today!


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Confusing Words

There are a lot of confusing words out there! For example, affect, effect, affluent, effluent, their, they’re and there.

I often have trouble using affect and effect correctly. So much trouble that I often double or triple check to make sure I have the right one. But now, I have a really easy resource I can use to check them out!

On the Confusing Words Web site, you can check out tons of different words. Just type in the word you're unsure about and click Find.

As an example, I looked up affect. Not only does it give the definition for affect, but it gives the definition for effect as well. It also shows examples of how each are used, making it easier for you to see the difference. Also, in the Notes section, it gives you a way of remembering the difference between them. How cool is that?!

I buy cialis brand think this is an amazing resource and I hope you enjoy it too!


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I'm addicted to Web sites like this one, where you randomly stumble upon things. So, I’m pleased to be bringing you a QuoteStumbler, which is filled with quotes galore!

When the screen loads, you’ll see a random quote. To get another quote, simply click on the Refresh button in your Web browser.

If you’d like to find quotes on a specific topic, click on the Find a Quote link at the top of the page. That will pop up a little window where you can type in a name or some text and they’ll brand cialis cheap order see what they can find for you.

I’m truly in love with this site! There are so many good quotes here and I hope you’ll enjoy discovering them as much as I did. Check it out!


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