February 16, 2012

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David Michael
NOTE: This example entry can be deleted. Press CTRL+A to select all of this text, and then press DELETE to delete it. Or you can press F9 to create a new, blank entry.
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Testing The Journal on updated alsplace.info

I’ve just upgraded this WordPress blog from version 2.1.3 to the current 3.3.1.  I hope to add the logon to my “The Journal” software so that I am able to do posts on the fly.

It was amazing that the same theme works in this latest release as did it in v2.1.3.  I should mention that I need to check the configuration as there is a column of widgets missing– although the column is still available.

There is much to review and configure in this upgrade and I’ll get to it as soon as possible.  The reason that I bothered researching doing such an upgrade and implementing it is that I shall be reinstalling my main computer shortly and there is much newly discovered software that I have just installed on my recently purchased laptop.  I hope to do posts of the more interesting software as I do the install.

Now to clean up my notes and post them to my database and then to do a backup of the site after this upgrade.

See ya soon!
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