June 19, 2008

Dreamweaver 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Keys for Dreamweaver

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Keyboard Shortcut Action
Alt+F File
Open the file menu.
Ctrl+N / Cmd+N New document
Open a new document for editing.
Ctrl+O / Cmd+O Open
Open an existing document for editing.
Ctrl+Shift+O / Cmd+Shift+O Open in Frame
Open an existing document into the selected frame for editing.
Ctrl+W / Cmd+W Close
Close the current document. If it has not been saved, you will be prompted to save.
Ctrl+Shift+W / Cmd+Shift+W Close All
Close every open document. If some have not been saved, you will be prompted to save each one.
Ctrl+S / Cmd+S Save
Save the current document. If it has never been saved, you will be prompted for a file name.
Ctrl+Shift+S / Cmd+Shift+S Save As…
Save the current document with a new file name.
Ctrl+P / Cmd+P Print
Print the HTML for the current document.
F12 View in Browser
View the page in your primary Web browser.
Ctrl+F12 / Cmd+F12 View in Alternate Browser
View the page in your alternate Web browser.
Shift+F8 Check Links
Validate the links in the current document.
Shift+F6 Validate Markup
Validate the HTML in the current document.
Ctrl+Q / Cmd+Q Exit
Quit the program and exit.
Alt+E Edit
Open the edit menu.
Ctrl+Z / Cmd+Z Undo
Undo the last change.
Ctrl+Shift+Z / Cmd+Shift+Z Redo
Redo the last undo.
Ctrl+X / Cmd+X Cut
Cut the selected text and put it on the clipboard.
Ctrl+C / Cmd+C Copy
Copy the selected text and put it on the clipboard.
Ctrl+V / Cmd+V Paste
Paste the text on the clipboard at the cursor location.
Ctrl+Shift+C / Cmd+Shift+C Copy HTML
Copy the selected HTML and put it on the clipboard.
Ctrl+Shift+V / Cmd+Shift+V Paste HTML
Paste the HTML on the clipboard at the cursor location.
Ctrl+A / Cmd+A Select All
Select all the text in the window.
Ctrl+[ / Cmd+[ Select Parent Tag
Select the containing tag.
Ctrl+] / Cmd+] Select Child Tag
Select the contained tag.
Ctrl+F / Cmd+F Find and Replace
Search within the current document for text and replace it with other text if you choose.
Shift+F3 / Cmd+G Find Selection
Search within the current document for the selected text.
F3 Find Next
Go to the next instance of the searched for string.
Ctrl+G / ? Go to
Go to the line number or character position you specify.
Ctrl+Space / Cmd+Space Show Code Hints
Display any information available on the tag at the cursor.
Ctrl+Shift+> / Cmd+Shift+> Indent
Indent the selected line(s) one tab space.
Ctrl+Shift+< / Cmd+Shift+<< Outdent
Outdent the selected line(s) one tab space.
Ctrl+Shift+' / Cmd+Shift+' Balance Braces
Align the braces.
Ctrl+U / Cmd+U Preferences
Change your preferences for Dreamweaver.
Alt+V View
Open the View menu.
Ctrl+` / Cmd+` Switch Views
Switch between code, design, and code & design views.
F5 Refresh Design View
Reload the markup displayed in the design view.
Ctrl+Shift+H / Cmd+Shift+H Head Content
Display the header content while in design view.
F6 Expanded Tables Mode
View tables expanded.
Ctrl+F6 / Cmd+F6 Layout Mode
View tables in layout mode.
Ctrl+Shift+I / Cmd+Shift+I Hide All Visual Aids
Turn off all visual aids.
Ctrl+Alt+R / Cmd+Opt+R Show All Rulers
Display all rulers on the screen.
Ctrl+Alt+G / Cmd+Opt+G Show Grid
Display grid in design view.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G / Cmd+Opt+Shift+G Snap to Grid
Snap elements to grid.
Ctrl+Alt+P / Cmd+Opt+P Play Plugin
Play plugin at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+X / Cmd+Opt+X Stop Plugin
Stop plugin at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P / Cmd+Opt+Shift+P Play All Plugins
Play all plugins.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X / Cmd+Opt+Shift+X Stop All Plugins
Stop all plugins.
F4 Hide Panels
Hide all open panels.
Alt+I Insert
Open the insert menu.
Ctrl+E / Cmd+E Insert Tag
Insert markup tag at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+I / Cmd+Opt+I Insert Image
Insert image at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+F / Cmd+Opt+F Insert Flash
Insert Flash animation at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+D / Cmd+Opt+D Insert Shockwave
Insert Shockwave object at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+T / Cmd+Opt+T Insert Table
Insert table at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+A / Cmd+Opt+A Insert Named Anchor
Insert named anchor at cursor.
Shift+Return / Shift+Return Insert Line Break
Insert line break (<br />) at cursor.
Ctrl+Shift+Space / Cmd+Shift+Space or Option+Space in Design View Non-breaking space
Insert a non-breaking space (&nbsp;) at cursor.
Ctrl+Alt+V / Cmd+Opt+V Insert Editable Region
Insert editable region for a template at cursor.
Alt+M Modify
Open the modify menu.
Ctrl+J / Cmd+J Page Properties
Modify the properties for the page.
Ctrl+T / Cmd+T Quick Tag Editor
Add a tag quickly in the design view.
Ctrl+L / Cmd+L Make Link
Make the highlighted object a link.
Ctrl+Shift+L / Cmd+Shift+L Remove Link
Remove link from highlighted object.
Ctrl+Shift+1 / Cmd+Shift+1 Align Left
Align object left.
Ctrl+Shift+3 / Cmd+Shift+3 Align Right
Align object right.
Ctrl+Shift+4 / Cmd+Shift+4 Align Top
Align object at top.
Ctrl+Shift+6 / Cmd+Shift+6 Align Bottom
Align object at bottom.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T / Cmd+Opt+Shift+T Add Object to Timeline
Add element to timeline.
Alt+T Text
Open text menu.
Shift+F7 Check Spelling
Check spelling in document.
Alt+C Commands
Open commands menu.
Ctrl+Shift+X / Cmd+Shift+X Start Recording
Record all commands.
Alt+S Site
Open the site menu.
Ctrl+Shift+D / Cmd+Shift+D Get
Get all files on remote site and bring them to local drive.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D / Cmd+Opt+Shift+D Check Out
Check out all files on remote site and bring them to local drive.
Ctrl+Shift+U / Cmd+Shift+U Put
Put all files on remote site from local drive.
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U / Cmd+Opt+Shift+U Check In
Check in all files on local drive and put them on remote site.
Ctrl+F8 / Cmd+F8 Check Links Sitewide
Validate all links on the site.
Alt+W Window
Open the window menu.
Ctrl+F2 / Cmd+F2 Insert Menu
Toggle insert window.
Ctrl+F3 / Cmd+F3 Properties Menu
Toggle properties window.
Shift+F11 CSS Styles
Toggle CSS styles window.
F2 Layers Menu
Toggle layers window.
Shift+F4 Behaviors Menu
Toggle behaviors window.
Shift+F9 Snippets Menu
Toggle snippets window.
Shift+F1 Reference Menu
Toggle reference window.
Ctrl+Shift+F10 / Cmd+Shift+F10 Databases Menu
Toggle databases window.
Ctrl+F10 / Cmd+F10 Bindings Menu
Toggle bindings window.
Ctrl+F9 / Cmd+F9 Server Behavior Menu
Toggle server behavior window.
Ctrl+F7 / Cmd+F7 Components Menu
Toggle components window.
F8 Files Menu
Toggle files window.
F11 Assets Menu
Toggle assets window.
F9 Tag Inspector Menu
Toggle tag inspector window.
F7 Results Menu
Toggle results window.
Shift+F10 History Menu
Toggle history window.
Shift+F2 Frames Menu
Toggle frames window.
F10 Code Inspector Menu
Toggle code inspector window.
Alt+F9 Timelines Menu
Toggle timelines window.
Alt+H Help
Open the help menu.
F1 Using Dreamweaver
Help with using Dreamweaver.
Ctrl+F1 / Cmd+F1 Using ColdFusion
Help with using ColdFusion.
Shift+F1 Reference
Reference help for Dreamweaver.
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May 7, 2008

Search and Replace Wildcard Characters in Dreamweaver

Search and Replace Wildcard Characters in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver has a powerful search/replace ability which includes ‘regular expressions’. This allows you to scan and replace particular html without affecting data.

Here’s an example of how useful this is:

Let’s say you are harvesting content from Wikipedia and putting it on your own website. Though I don’t endorse that activity, it is allowed according to the GDFL and a lot of people do it. So, here’s a way to make it easy.

Let’s say you find a huge table full of data that you wish to use on your own website. Since Wikipedia has tons of links and junk in the code, you want to strip it all out. One way is to copy and paste into Excel, then save as a .csv or .txt file, thus stripping out the extra invisible formatting html code that was previously a part of it. Then, close and re-open the .csv or .txt into Excel, then copy and paste into Dreamweaver (or your HTML editor). While this works, Excel still seems to copy over some html formatting, such as <td height="17" … on every field of the table, which is annoying.

You can do a find/replace in Dreamweaver for height=”17” and leave the replace field blank. That would solve that problem, however, Wikipedia often uses footnotes which add [1] [2] [3] etc in superscript, such as the example below. The question is how do we delete these brackets from our copied table, but preserve the data. Good news- we can do that with Dreamweaver, using regular expressions.

Change from this:
<td height="17">Batman Begins[1][2]</td>
<td height="17">Superman</td>
<td height="17">Army of Darkness[3]</td>

Into this:
<td>Batman Begins</td>
<td>Army of Darkness</td>

If you had a huge table full of this with 100+ rows with 50 or more footnotes, it would take a long time to manually remove all of the brackets by hand. Here’s a way to automate it in Dreamweaver:

(Make sure you are searching the ‘source code‘ and that the ‘Use regular expression’ box is checked)

<td height="17">([^<]*)\[[^"]*</td>


Dreamweaver will instantly strip out all the junk from your code and replace it with the core code while preserving your data. In this case, the wildcard variable will preserve anything between <td height="17"> and </td>.

The find is the prefix of the tags, then the wildcard variable that’s stored: ([^<]*) then, I wanted to remove the brackets, so I put one in, but since we’re using expressions, it has to be ‘escaped’ to tell it viagra next day we literally mean the bracket, so I put this \ before the [ then I added a non-stored wildcard variable (the other junk I want removed), so I added: [^"]* then the close tag </td>. Then the replace is the simple $1 variable between the tags which recalls the stored variable. Very cool!

Another challenge:
Let’s say you want to copy a huge list of links from Wikipedia and change them to our own links on our own website. Here’s an example:

Change from this:

Into this:

In Dreamweaver, select Find/Replace…

1. Check ‘use regular expression’
2. Do Find for:
4. Replace:
5. It preserves the variable inside

Without the regular expression, you could have done Find/Replace for the first part, but when you wanted to add the .php to the end, you’d be stuck. How else would you do it?

Pretty incredible, huh? You can automate the changing of links or anything on an entire website with thousands of links and pages in just seconds. All using the stored wildcard variable.

([^<]*) is stored (use $1 to retreive in replace)
[^"]* is unstored

You can also do Find/Replace to recall multiple variables at once, like this:

If multiple wildcards:
([^<]*) ([^<]*) ([^<]*)
$1 $2 $3

A tool like this can give you the power to harvest public domain or free content, manipulate data and repurpose it for your own site.

The regular expression you seek is: [^"]*

so if you want to change all these:

<a class="wildcat" href="lion.html">
<a class="wildcat" href="tiger.html">
<a class="wildcat" href="leopard.html">


<a class="wildcat" href="bigcat.html">

you search for:

<a class="wildcat" href="[^"]*">

and replace with:

<a class="wildcat" href="bigcat.html">

(make sure you tick the match case & regular expressions + seclect 'source code')

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