January 26, 2008

Space It Out

Ever find that you need a little extra space between two paragraphs in an MS Word document?

Thinking maybe a quick way to add a 12 point space before a paragraph would be a nice little trick to have up your sleeve?

Well, to insert that extra space before a paragraph, all you have to do is simply place the cursor anywhere in the paragraph and use the Ctrl + 0 (zero) key combination.

Need the space above several paragraphs?

No problem! Just highlight all the paragraphs to be affected and again, use Ctrl + 0.

Spaces too big? Need to remove them?

Again, a very simple solution. Ctrl + 0 works as a toggle switch: once to add a space, what is cialis professional twice to remove the space.

So, just highlight the paragraph(s) affected and use the Ctrl + 0 combination to remove the extra space.

There you have it. Extra spacing with just a quick key combination!

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