February 19, 2009

Let Access add your name to a report

  • Date: December 9th, 2008
  • Author: Mary Ann Richardson

It’s useful to include some basic information in Access report footers, such as the name of the person who prepared the report. Here’s a simple way to prompt for the user’s name and insert it in the page footer.

Since a report is just a snapshot of a database at a certain date and time, generic cialis review it is helpful to include that information in the report printout. In addition to a time and date stamp, it’s also nice to have the preparer add his or her name to the end each report page. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the report in Design view.
  1. Click the Text Box control tool and then click and drag in the Page footer section of the report.
  1. Select the text in the Label control, type Prepared by:, and format it as desired.
  1. Click in the text box and enter the formula below, as shown in Figure A:

=[What is your name?]

Figure A

text box formula

When you run the report, you’ll see the dialog box shown in Figure B.

Figure B

name prompt

After the preparer enters his/her name, the report will output with a page footer like the one shown in Figure C.

Figure C

report footer

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